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Put your company in good company.
Overlap® is proud to be a chosen resource for some of the world's most respected financial institutions, as well as independent financial planners and 401k administrators. It is an ideal resource for institutions that distribute mutual funds or products with underlying fund investments, such as variable life or annuity contracts. These institutions include:
  • Investment banks
  • Life insurance companies
  • Mutual fund companies
In addition, a wide variety of individual professional investment advisors trust Overlap. This includes certified financial planners, chartered financial consultants, and CPAs in the AICPA Personal Financial Planning Division.

Who uses Overlap®?
Professionals in a wide range of companies use Overlap® regularly. Here are just a few of the companies that have Overlap® users:

1st Global Capital
A. G. Edwards
Adams Advisory Services
Alliance Capital
Alliance Financial Services
American Century Investments
American Express Financial Advisors
Amherst Financial Services
Anderson Management Co.
Anthis & Co.
Apple & Co.
AXA Advisors
Babcock Financial Advisors
Blue Chip Financial Advisors
Bowman Asset Mgt. Inc.
Bristol Financial Services
Bryer Consultant Inc.
Buchman Financial Services
Chase Investment Services
Colonial Investment Services
Corless & Associates
Cornerstone Capital Management, LLC.
Crest Financial Group
Dain Rauscher Inc.
Deckert & Associates, Inc.
Delaware Investments
Derby & Derby Inc.
Dillon Gage
Dixion & Associates
Edelman Business Services
Edward Jones
Enterprise Mutual Funds
Everen Securities
Financial Horizons
First Union Securities
Foundation Financial Advisors
Gardey & Associates
Garrett Financial Planning, Inc.
Garrison Asset Management
GE Capital
Grant Street Asset Management
Harbour Investment Inc.
Innovest Financial Planning Inc.
Jackson Financial Co.
L&M Financial Services
Landers Financial Group
Leman Financial Services Inc.
Lord Abbett Funds
McDonald Investments
Merrill Lynch
Mony Securities
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
Nathan & Lewis Securities
Northwest Mutual Life
Piper Jaffray
Prime Financial
Professional Planning Consultants
Prudential Investments
Royal Alliance
Sage Rutty & Co., Inc.
Savant & Associates
SOWA Financial Group
Sterling Financial Investment Group
Sterling Financial Services
Terra Securities
The Powell Group
Tow, Finestone & Associates
Trust Company of the South
Tucker Financial Service
US Bancorp, Piper Jaffray
Van Kampen Funds
Waddell & Reed
Walnut Street Sec.
Wealth Strategy Unlimited
Wheat First Union
Whitcomb Financial Group Inc.

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