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We can help you help your clients.
With Overlap®, you'll know exactly which portfolios are not sufficiently diversified and which ones are exposed to higher risk - and potentially greater losses. This allows you and your clients to make more informed decisions.

Conversely, if your clients want higher asset concentration in certain stocks or sectors, Overlap® can help you as well. You now have the tools to structure the exact portfolio you want - to better execute the strategy you design. Whatever your goals are, we can help you get there.

Here is a brief look at our products and how to use them:

Equity Analysis
This looks at the amount of overlap of equities in two or more funds. Just click on a fund from Overlap's® list of over 26,000. Let's call it "Fund A." Then choose other funds you want to compare to Fund A. You'll see the percentage of holdings that "overlap." Experts say a percentage greater than 20 indicates insufficient diversification.

Sector Analysis
You can compare two mutual funds based on their duplication of holdings in 10 commonly defined sectors: Utilities, Energy, Financial, Retail, Durables, Staples, Services, Technology, Health, Cyclicals and Other. If economic conditions affect one particular industry, all funds invested in that industry could suffer. Overlap® can help you avoid this situation.

Select Analysis
Customize your search based on criteria you determine. Say you want to mirror a certain fund's performance, maybe a closed fund. Just click on that fund. Then seek all funds that overlap it by more than 20 percent (or choose 30%, 40%, etc.). This data will help you find a closely matched fund for investment.

Country Analysis
You can compare mutual funds based on their duplication of holdings in all the countries of the world. This is an invaluable tool for financial planners that includes international/foreign funds in client portfolios. It answers the all-important question, "Where in the world is my money?" This must-have tool for international investing is simple and easy to use. In seconds you will be able to determine the country Overlap® of an existing portfolio or a potential portfolio. Country exposure is a vital component in the overall diversification picture.

Comprehensive Portfolio Review
The first three categories look at funds vs. funds. With Portfolio Review, you can track a fund's specific equity holdings, and see how it fits into a client's overall portfolio. For example, if "Fund A" contains a 10% holding in "X Company" - but your client already owns "X Company" shares - you can better advise the person on a different fund to purchase.

Show Your Clients What They Own
With Overlap®, you can run "what if" scenarios against the aggregate portfolio - both funds and individual equities - versus a mutual fund you recommend. This will show the complete, aggregated overlap in the portfolio by equity and industry sector. This is an outstanding tool to help you build diversified portfolios using your funds.

Overlap® for 401(k) Administrators
This unique product features 401(k) exportable tools specifically designed for 401(k) plan sponsors. You can now offer plan employees the ability to ensure diversification of their 401(k) holdings. The tool allows employees to compare funds selected from your plan for overlap in the underlying equities and sectors.

More analysis tools are in development. If you would like to know more about our co-branding options for large user groups, contact info@overlap.com.

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