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Use Overlap® to serve existing clients better. And gain new clients.
Overlap® is a proven, powerful tool to help investment advisors generate new clients. The service provides a strong reason to call your clients or contact prospects on a regular basis. After all, who doesn't want to improve the diversification in their portfolios? Or in contrast, you may have clients who want to create a more concentrated asset base. Either way, Overlap® allows you to stay in touch with them regularly as their fund holdings change.

Here are just a few examples of why you should add Overlap® to your sales arsenal.

Offer value-added services for existing clients.
Every quarter, you should offer to run Overlap® on every client's portfolio. This way, they will know they are staying on track to meet investment goals. If the funds' holdings show they are getting off track [which is inevitable as assets turn], you can make recommendations on how to meet the diversification levels your clients seek.

"Turn the corner" with a hot prospect.
If you're close to gaining a potential customer's business, Overlap® is an added opportunity to seal the deal. First, contact your prospect and offer to run a portfolio analysis. Then, create a report to show the prospect where they aren't diversified. It's easy from that point to make recommendations to show how a revised portfolio can improve diversification.

Break the ice on a cold call.
Now when you call, Overlap® gives you a great way to get your foot in the door. Tell prospects about the service and offer to do a no-obligation review of the person's portfolio. Find out their goals and contrast the goals with the portfolio's diversification. These steps will get you started on the road to future success.

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