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You'll benefit in many ways.
The number of ways that Overlap® benefits various financial advisors - from institutions of all sizes - has grown in tandem with the number of new users.

Here are just a few of the additional opportunities the software can provide for your business:

Overlap® is a proven, unique service for your clients.
This proprietary information is not available anywhere else. If clients want it, they need to call you.

Provides backup reasoning/facts for your recommendations.
Overlap® is updated constantly based on the most recent information available. As the assets shift with mutual fund portfolios, your clients can stay up-to-date with Overlap®.

Gives you a reason to call.
An opportunity to unobtrusively contact a client or prospect can only increase your chances for success. Because mutual fund holdings are constantly shifting, you've got a legitimate reason to make regular contact with customers.

Available on a one-time, flat fee basis.
Unlike other financial resources, you can use this tool as often as you like with no additional fees, charges or expenses. You pay one annual fee for a service that's updated regularly.

Offers added value to your current client base.
You want your clients to rest assured they're making the smartest possible investment decisions. This software offers objective, third-party proof that clients are doing just that. We are not affiliated or endorsed by any fund company. The information you provide is objective, accurate and up-to-date.

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